So, on to the Dragon Awards. How does this work?
According to the rules, anyone worldwide can register on the Dragon Awards Website to cast a vote. See the page for the award here, with links to get around. Apparently there will be additional links to obtain the finalist works for review once they’re announced. Here are the 2016 categories:

• Best science fiction novel
• Best fantasy novel (including paranormal)
• Best young adult/middle grade novel
• Best military science fiction or fantasy novel
• Best alternate history novel
• Best apocalyptic novel
• Best horror novel
• Best comic book
• Best graphic novel
• Best episode in a continuing science fiction or fantasy series, TV or internet
• Best science fiction or fantasy movie
• Best science fiction or fantasy PC / console game
• Best science fiction or fantasy mobile game
• Best science fiction or fantasy board game
• Best science fiction or fantasy miniatures / collectable card / role-playing game

So far this includes only novels, TV, film and games, presumably published in 2015. I can’t see where they’ve defined “novel” by length, but hopefully this info will be available soon. It’s something the discerning voter will want to know. There are no awards for short stories at this time. If I’m reading this correctly, this year’s nominations must have been published between April 1, 2015, and July 25, 2016. You can nominate different works in the different categories at different times, but you can’t change a nomination after it’s submitted and you can’t vote one work in multiple categories—one vote per person, in other words. Nominations close July 30, 2016.

P.s. I inquired about the novel length and it’s 70k words. I’m not sure that will work for young adult, which often runs shorter.