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Thanks for visiting my website! This is an introduction to me as a writer and artist, and an opportunity for you to have a look at the latest I have out there in the commercial world. Be sure and check my blog for the latest posts.

I’ve been writing for a while now, and tend to write darkish fantasy and science fiction, and often slipstream mixtures of the two. That Ridge press has recently published some of my short stories and poetry as ebook collections. You can order paperbacks from any bookstore, and look for e-books at That Ridge Bookstore or under my author’s page on Amazon.com. Watch for novels in the near future.

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The Ivory Pin – Ta Nyahl, last of his kria clan, has been trying to revenge the death of his people at the hands of humans. He is taken as a slave by a human woman named Cybelle Lawton, and tries to help her flee from others of her kind across the mountains, but she is taken by human men. Trying to fulfill his oath to her, he tracks her down, finds that all the kria are in danger from a powerful human company. At the humans’ base in the wastelands, they find her partner. Can the three of them save the world?

Case Files of a Spirit Talker – Anna Detroyer is a Black Seminole and a spirit talker, which means she deals with the supernatural. Along with her business partner Paul Angstrom, she runs a private detective agency in Miami, Florida. Paul pulls out of the business suddenly, leaving Anna scrambling to pay the bills. To make matters worse, Paul’s son Joel arrives from the Northwest. Can Anna keep the business going? Can she stay out of trouble with the supernatural? And last, can she ever untangle her love life?

Moonshadows: A Collection of Short Stories – Available in electronic form and also paperback for the first time, this collection includes the stories from Hurricane Season, Desperate Lives and Storm and Shadow.

Hurricane Season – Strong women don’t always mean to be that way. They just take care of things. They can change the world, or at least their little part of it, and become agents of change to make it a better place. These fantasy and science fiction stories by Lela Buis bring you strong women in lives filled with adventure. Hurricane Season includes the stories: Ground Zero, Possession, Nightside, Mixed Heritage, The Hatchling, Dragon Rain, The Winter People, Hurricane Season. Contains strong language and sexual situations.

Desperate Lives – Lela E. Buis presents dark fantasy and speculative fiction stories of people in desperate situations, looking for ways to survive. These are stories about people in need, finding each other in the shadows. There are witches, sorcerers, vampires, and ordinary people caught in extraordinary circumstances within these pages. Desperate Lives includes the stories: The White Owl, Moonshadow, Artifacts, Entwined, Survival, Poison. Contains violence and sexual situations.

Storm and Shadow – Lela Buis presents a collection of stories that vary from the sensual to erotic, featuring men and women sure of what they want. These are fantasy stories about ghosts, witches, vampires and other exotic creatures of the imagination, finding each other in the shadows. Stories include: Haunted, Night at Sloan Pond, Carnival, Souls, Ascension, Shadows. Contains violence and bi-sexual situations.

Competitive Fauna – Lela Buis present a collection of fantasy and science fiction short stories featuring women who love women. These stories vary from the serious to the erotic, and include characters who face life’s problems with strength and intelligence. Competitive Fauna includes Enigma Variations, The Hunt, GP Venture, My Little Town, A Study of Competitive Fauna and Anthem. Includes violence and sexual situations.

Entwined – Some of these poems are bits of moonlight and magic, written just for enjoyment of the written word. Others come from a more serious place, an investigation of ideas clothed in plot and characterization. The styles vary, but the poems are chosen because they somehow matched up as dark fantasies, an expression of mood or a cynical thought or a mysterious magic barely glimpsed that caused the author to reach for a pen and paper. Includes strong language.

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  1. jaimiengle
    Jul 18, 2014 @ 18:18:28

    Hi! I just read your story in third flatiron’s latest anthology and I loved it. Then, I read your bio and had to laugh. I live on the space coast of Florida, was published in redshifted by third flatiron, and was also a fourth quarter finalist in l. Ron Hubbard’s writers of the future contest. Pretty small world…way too similar!
    I’m at http://www.jaimiengle.com and http://www.awriterforlife.com. Let’s keep in touch! Best of luck in your writing!!!



    • Lela
      Oct 05, 2014 @ 17:23:39

      Thanks for reading! Glad to find a kindred spirit. 🙂



  2. Marge Simon
    Apr 28, 2016 @ 14:03:51

    I didn’t realize you are also a fine artist. I appreciate your skill –particularly the chicken “family”! Hope to read your prose, have enjoyed your poems very much.

    Liked by 1 person


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