A couple of days into thoughts about the Hugo nomination process totally missing fringe publications, I’ve come up with a good example. David Levithan’s Every Day is a book I reviewed on the blog a little while back. I gave this one five stars, which is hard to get out of me. I think it is totally and awesomely brilliant.

Every Day was published in 2013 and received the Lambda Award for Best LBGTQ Children’s/Teen Book. It went on to feature on the New York Times Bestseller List. This means my opinion isn’t unusual, either from the literary community or the fan community. However, this book never made a ripple in the SF&F community because SF&F isn’t something Levithan normally writes.

I’m seeing quite a bit of activity out there just now in trying to work out a better system to locate award-worthy works. Let’s not forget the fringes, folks. That’s where genius really lies.