Quick Pic of Spot

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Here’s some eye candy for fans of Spot the Cat. I have a matching dog pic, but it’s not as cute. I’m thinking of doing a painting of this one.


Spot Sleeps on Davidson

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Spot is now a media star. She’s made a second appearance on File 770, entitled Cats Sleep on SFF: Avram Davidson. Check it out here.


Winston crosses the Rainbow Bridge


This has been a really bad couple of years for our family pets. RIP sweet Winston. We’re all the better for knowing you.


Cat Pictures

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I’m running behind on this week’s posts. Meanwhile, here a new picture of Spot for her fans.


Bad news about Spot the cat


Spot Sleeps on Burroughs

Fans of Spot will be sad to hear she suffered some kind of accident, stayed gone for five days and then reappeared with an infected compound fracture of the right hind leg. She had to go to the hospital for emergency surgery and lost the leg. She came through surgery okay, and is currently recuperating. The vet staff commented on what a sweet kitty she is. Please keep her in your thoughts.

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