There are a couple more Nebula novels to go, but I’m definitely stalled on those. A while back I promised to review the Rabid Puppies’ recommendations for the Hugo Award, so here’s the first. This novelette was independently published through Amazon Digital Services LLC.

Exotic, three-breasted, alien stripper Kelly K. is pole-dancing at a club to earn money to get her spacecraft fixed. She gets a little carried away during an evening performance and shoots laser beams out of her nipples. This attracts the attention of Tyrone, a T-Rex type humanoid. The two get together after the show and hit it off. He wonders why a nice girl like her is working in a place like this, and she says she thinks he’s not like all those other guys. They have hot sex.

Where does Vox Day find this stuff? Dare I say it gives a different definition to the term hard SF? (Ssss. Yeah, I know, I know…) There’s very little of socially redeeming value here. It’s a parody of a traditional romance theme where the nice guy out slumming picks up a nice girl forced into stripping to support herself, her ailing mother, her kids, whatever. Tyrone is also another over-sexed addition to the growing body of T-Rex lovers. Read at your own risk.

One star.