This story was published by Fantastic Stories of the Imagination. It has 6 recommendations on the Nebula Reading List.

A girl in a blue dress looks out from a painting. She has no name and people speculate on what she might have been to the artist. He promised to immortalize her. She posed for him and he captured her in the paints. Dissolving as he painted, she found her vantage had shifted to looking out. In the dark of night, she acts out her anger, kicking at his name.

This is flash fiction, very short. It’s a creative idea, and I wasn’t sure it was going to be speculative fiction until she got sucked up into the painting. It also has a nice symbolic feature in that the subjects of great paintings are often immortalized this way, even though their names are lost. After they’re gone, the painting is all that’s left of them. Again, because of the length, this story has little substance and no ideas other than this subtext.

Three and a half stars.