I’m continuing down the Nebula Reading List. This story currently has 6 recommendations. It was published by Tor.com.

Hannah and Melanie are sisters with powers over reality. As children, they crackle with lightning, weave daisy chains in the sky. As they get older, Melanie warns Hannah against changing things. “It’s not that easy to get it right,” she says. Hannah breaks away from family and runs to the opposite coast, while Melanie stays home. Eventually Melanie ends the world, immolating herself. Arriving just too late, Hannah tries to fix things, going back further and further in time as we follow the iterations. During this process, Hannah reflects on her sister, their childhood and their mother, a visit Melanie made before she ended the world.

The story has a creative organization, as it repeats different permutations of Melanie dying and the world ending, each with added reflections on the sisters’ lives and relationship. It had a strong hook and started with a magical feel, but I was eventually disappointed when it didn’t fill out with more substance. It remained all just suggestion, the whole situation vague and undefined, snapshots in time continually shifting until it ends. I’ll give it a little extra for style.

Three stars and a half stars.