Orion,_battle_spaceshipWhile I was out on hiatus, my short story “Only a Signal Shown” (9/16 Perihelion SF) has appeared on the Nebula Reading List. It now has four recommendations. I need to thank everyone for reading, for publishing great reviews and for supporting the story on the list. I also need to thank the editors at PerihelionSF for their initial confidence in the story. An author is only a voice in the wilderness without his or her readers. Thank you for putting the story up there.

I’m especially proud of this one because it’s hard SF and idea-driven. It’s my take on what hard SF should be like, and I have gotten comments that it reads like a classic hard SF story, even though the ideas are current and original. I’ve also gotten requests for a sequel, which is likely to be a tall order. If you’ve missed the story, you can still read it at Perihelion SF. If you’re a SFWA member, you can also add to the recommendations on the Nebula Reading List. Thanks again!