flag-clip-art-bcyEppqcLSince I see a lot of other bloggers checking in on this topic, maybe it’s time I put together something in response. This week we’re living in a brand new world. The US voters have given everyone a dose of how reality works. They passed over an experienced, highly qualified candidate for president and chose someone with no political experience and very little apparent aptitude for the office, based on…what?

That’s the burning question of the hour, of course. The campaigns have been very vitriolic, which nobody liked. Besides that, the candidates have represented the two rising ideologies of this decade, the new left on the one side and the angry alt-right on the other. Clinton started out fairly moderate, but veered further left to pick up Sanders’ followers—if you’ve forgotten, he’s the man who promised free college tuition and free health care to all. That made Clinton more extreme. On the other hand, Trump pretty much exemplified the standard for the alt-right, not caring a whit if he came across racist or sexist, as long as he won the point. He attacked Clinton as “crooked” while characterizing his own questionable activities as “brilliant business strategy.” So why did the voters pick him?

I have a sneaky idea it’s to give the Republican Party complete control of the executive and legislative branches of government. Congress has spent the last eight years being obstructionist, so now let’s see what they’ve got. Trump promised to fix things. Let’s see how it goes.