WarriorDragonCon got off to a good start, I gather, as I don’t see any crises from Atlanta in the news. Other conventions apparently didn’t fare quite so well. For example, I see a news article about Fan Expo at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre which was also scheduled to start on Thursday. The kickoff was heralded by reports of firearms on the GO transit. As a result, police recommend that any cosplayers should keep their more realistic accouterments under wraps until they actually get to the con. This follows the arrest of a man dressed as Zorro Monday morning during the panic at LAX.

In the current climate, it seems important for people to remember that cosplay can easily be misunderstood. In September of 2014, cosplayer Darrien Hunt was shot and killed by police near a strip mall in Utah. According to the police report, Hunt “brandished” his replica samurai sword at them, but a witness took a picture that showed Hunt smiling and talking with the officers just before he was shot. Take care, folks!