caninescover2_large (1)One of my stories is in it, of course. Watch for a couple more anthologies to appear about Halloween. If you read the book, please post a review. Vampires are just for fun, but as usual, I always try to add a little social commentary as an extra. Thanks for your support!

Here’s the press release for this anthology:

Title: Canines: A Supposed Crimes Anthology
Authors: Kaden Shay, A. M. Hawke, Jennifer Loring, Christopher Michael Carter, Landon Dixon, Lela E. Buis

Available: September 1, 2016

ISBN: 9781944591038 (ebook)

Contact Information:

Category: Gay Erotica, Lesbian, Paranormal, Historical

On Sale: Currently available FREE at the Supposed Crimes Website and Smashwords. More shops coming soon.

This vampire anthology by Supposed Crimes features six tales of bloodlust, violence, and vanity with LGBT protagonists, men seeking men, women loving women, and more.

“A Late Night Snack” by Kaden Shay – The narrator gets more than bargained for pursuing a beautiful woman at a club.

“Courting the Flame” by A. M. Hawke – A man wants to become a vampire at all cost.

“This World or the Next” by Jennifer Loring – He longs to free the vampyre on display at the circus.

“The Diary of Anne Salt” by Christopher Michael Carter – She’s drawn to the woman on the subway, but is unprepared for un-worldly revelations.

“Vamp-Hire” by Landon Dixon – He’s a PI that will work for vampire sex.

“The Dress” by Lela E. Buis – She wants to be beautiful, but she might not be willing to trade her life.