This is a 2016 Hugo Finalist in the Best Novella category. It was published by Tor.com.

The Captain is a mouse with a mission. He searches out members of his old gang, getting them together for one last effort ten years after the War of the Brothers. These characters include Boudica the opossum, Bonsoir the stoat, Cinnabar the salamander, Elf the owl, Gertrude the mole and Barley the badger, all retired desperados. The team cuts a swath of violent mayhem through the Gardens and into the Capitol where the Captain means to take his revenge on the Younger. There they meet his minions in the final battle.

Well, this is different. I’m not generally one for anthropomorphic characters, but this tale is so over-the-top that it just adds brilliance. If they weren’t animals, this would pass for a Sam Peckinpah Western. Minions are slaughtered right and left, though most of them seem to be rats. There are elements of humor and satire. It’s fun to read.

Four stars.