This is one of the Best Related Work Hugo finalists, published on the Website askthe“Bigot.” It’s an expose of pedophilia and child abuse about Marion Zimmer Bradley and her husband Walter Breen written by their daughter Moira Greyland.

Greyland details abuse she suffered herself from her parents and her “stepmother” who was apparently Bradley’s lover. She also details Breen’s abuse of boys, leading to several arrests and sentences of probation. In 1992 a final conviction sent him to prison, where he died in 1993. Although Breen was barred from some SF events, rumors of his activities were generally dismissed as “character assassination” and ignored.

Greyland goes on to discuss the curious philosophy on sexuality that Bradley and Breen seemed to hold. According to their theory, children who were introduced to sex early would develop into their definition of “gay” sexuality, which appears to be pansexuality. They felt this was the natural state of humanity, and that sexual orientation was due only to lack of proper education. Based on this, Greyland advocates against gay marriage and gay parents, citing research that shows children of gay households are maladjusted.

I don’t agree with her conclusions or her political stance—she has apparently accepted her parents’ definition of “gay” without question and equated it with pedophilia. Still, this is a valuable piece of work that exposes the private under-culture of sexual abuse and how it is often ignored. It’s well written and well supported, but not news at this point—she already exposed the abuse in 2014. Three stars.