I’m going to do reviews for a while, so will get back to the bios later on. This short story is one of the Hugo finalists from the Rabid Puppies’ recommendations, self-published by Chuck Tingle through Amazon. A word of warning for potential readers: It’s gay erotica.

It’s the future, and Earth is under pressure to find other habitable worlds. Astronauts Lance and Pike are stationed on the planet Zorbus where they are monitoring an automated Terraforming operation. Pike is recalled and the shuttle picks him up, leaving Lance alone at the station until a replacement comes.

The shuttle has hardly disappeared when Lance sees someone else in a spacesuit near the Terraforming station. Concerned that it’s a hallucination, he goes back to his quarters; however, his rest is interrupted by knocking at the door. He opens it to admit Orion, a velociraptor who tells him dinosaurs didn’t die out on Earth, only went to the stars. Orion sticks around and eventually Lance starts to wonder what sex with him would be like. They have sex.

Tingle is competent as a writer and this is a well-constructed story. I’m not going to downgrade it because it’s erotica, but still that means it doesn’t have much in the way of thought-provoking elements. Tingle does get extra points for his witty responses about the Hugos. I can’t pin anything down, but this nomination seems to have elements of parody aimed at Rachel Swirsky’s “If You Were a Dinosaur My Love.” Minor editing errors. Three stars.

Art Credit: Orion battle spaceship by Cronus Caelestis.