Sheridan Le Fanu was born in Dublin, Ireland, to parents Thomas Philip Le Fanu and Emma Dobbin. This was a literary family, and Sheridan had an elder sister and a younger brother. In 1826 the family moved to Abington, County Limerick, where his father worked as a rector. Although the children had a tutor, Le Fanu mostly educated himself in his father’s library and was writing poetry by age 15. He studied law at Trinity College in Dublin, but never practiced law and instead took up journalism. In 1838 Le Fanu began contributing stories to the Dublin University Magazine, including his first ghost story “The Ghost and the Bone-Setter” (1838). He became owner of several newspapers after 1840, including the Dublin Evening Mail and the Warder.

On 18 December 1844 Le Fanu married Susanna Bennett and the couple had four children. Susanna died suddenly in 1858, and Le Fanu gave up writing for a while but later picked it up again, publishing short stories and novels with folklore themes. Although Le Fanu was apparently straight, his lesbian vampire novel Carmilla is notable as an influence on Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula.

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