George Brewster (1766 – ?) was born in England, and his date of death is unknown. He was a son of John Brewer, a well-known art connoisseur. As a young man, Brewster served as a midshipman under Lord Hugh Seymour and others, and sailed word-wide. In 1791 he became a lieutenant in the Swedish navy. After retiring from the sea, he read for law in London and established a practice as an attorney.

Brewster wrote his first novel Tom Weston when he was in the navy and by 1799 had become a playwright, essayist and writer of miscellany. In 1808 he produced his contribution to speculative fiction, the two-volume tale The Witch of Ravensworth. This book is still in publication, available on Amazon and described as “Gothic horror, fairy tale, and bizarre dark humour.” In writing about himself, Brewster noted that he felt “misplaced or displaced in life”, had “vicissitude for his tutor” and was luckless altogether.

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