Tonight I heard a speaker who addressed the subject of the last few blogs. He said that one of the hardest issues facing any community of people in today’s climate is the tension between diversity and unity. If you lean too much toward emphasizing diversity, then unity suffers, and if you exclude people with the idea of increasing unity, then diversity suffers.

Because US culture is such a composite, it’s important to accommodate diversity. Otherwise, you end up with a very tiny small group of participants who all think the same way and all perform the same way, in a sort of group think lock-step stagnation. This might be comfortable, but it doesn’t produce much in the way of chaotic brilliant new ideas. However, if you have a lot of diversity, then you get a train wreck collision of philosophies. This results in damage sabotage impacts to the community’s literary awards, for example.

So what’s a conflict-riddled community to do? The speaker suggested that we all need to keep unity in mind when dealing with others in the community. This means respecting the other person’s dimwitted viewpoint and refraining from I’ll fix you! attack language. It means looking after your own self-interests, but keeping the other person’s value in mind, too.

Is the guy right? Will this really work for us?