So, I’m sorry I won’t be able to get to all the longer works before the nomination deadline comes up. I’m more impressed with these stories than the ones the Rabid Puppies listed. I already noted that these recommendations overlap with the Nebula nominees, which likely means the overlaps will have the best chance for a nomination and win. This includes “Damage” by David Levine, “Cat Pictures Please” by Naomi Kritzer, “Today I am Paul” by Martin L. Shoemaker and “Hungry Daughters of Starving Mothers” by Alyssa Wong.

What stands out so far in the Sad Puppies’ recommendations is the philosophical bent. This may be an attempt by the Puppies to propose stories with more substance than last year. None of these are really killer stories, but I’m glad to see them featured. Maybe it will encourage a little more effort along this line. It would be a interesting strategy for the Puppies to pit a fully developed philosophical discussion against the kind of sentimental work that’s been winning the Hugo Awards for the last few years.

The head vs. the heart? Good effort on the recommendations, Sad Puppies.