This is a Sad Puppy recommendation. The short story was published by Flash Fiction Online.

Graalnak posts that he is available to answer questions. After some discussion of whether this is really Graalnak, members of the forum begin to post questions about issues including contests between tiny horses and giant ducks, Graalnak’s taste in radishes and tipping of wait staff. This is interrupted by a question about Graalnak’s mission by someone he accuses of being Kleeptor. The poster denies this identity, pointing out his profile states he is an ordinary human. Deliciouskoolaid then posts a question about whether the Vroon visited Earth in search of radishes years ago, which leads a sudden end to the Q&A.

This is clever and entertaining. The format is creative and the story well plotted. However, it is a short-short, and there’s no idea of setting, no character development and not much in the way of the depth, imagery, social commentary, etc. you’d expect from an award-winning story. It’s easily available online and fun reading, but I don’t think it will advance far in the nominations.

Three and a half stars.