royalty-free-writing-clipart-illustration-1146779“The Communter” is still another Puppy nomination. It is urban fantasy and was published as a single short story on Amazon.

The borders between the Faerie and human realms are fractured. Jack is trying to get off to work when his daughter Abby presents a permission slip for him to sign. Her school class will be visiting the Unseelie Embassy. Because this is in Faerie, Jack refuses to sign. He pedals off to catch his train, but once at work, he finds Abby has forged his signature in order to go on the trip. This means the Accords don’t protect her and the Fae have claimed her as a changeling. Jack decides that he needs to rescue her, at great risk to life and limb.

This is an entertaining read, well-written and slightly humorous. Because of the humor, there’s no real feel of risk or drama, as it’s clear that Jack, as an ex-marine, will be up to dealing with a few trolls and whatnot. It’s likely to suit readers of escapist military fiction, as it details his battles with his daughter, his boss, annoying folk on the train, and various annoying Fae in the Faerie realm. Regardless of disrespect from all these people, Jack prevails in the end.

Three and a half stars.