I’ve been to the movies again. Let’s hear it for a winner!

Background: This is part of the X-Men franchise. Apparently their budget was low to begin with, and then cut again just before they started work on the film. So, no one was expecting very much from this character? It’s a box office smash. The result is highly creative, suggesting budget cuts might benefit lots of other overworked Hollywood projects. This is also an R-rated adult film, which means they’ve made about $300 million in the first weekend without the teen market.

Stars: Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, Ed Skrein. Directed by Tim Miller.
Plot: Nothing outstanding here. Wade Wilson is a former special forces veteran who is now working as a mercenary. He meets escort Vanessa Carlysle and the two have hot sex, which blossoms into a serious relationship. They’re on the point of marriage when Wade is diagnosed with terminal cancer. He’s approached by an organization that offers an experimental cure. This turns out to be a shady organization that creates dangerous mutants through torture to use as slaves for hire. Things don’t go as planned, leaving Vanessa in jeopardy. I’ll let you go see the film to get the rest.

What makes this such a success? Deadpool is an antihero. This allows the film to make fun of lots of different things, including itself. The opening credits tell us the film stars “God’s Perfect Idiot,” is produced by “Asshats,” directed by “An Overpaid Tool” and written by “The Real Heroes Here.” That pretty much sets the tone for the whole thing. Apparently the budget cuts reduced roles for characters that would have detracted from the stars and greatly cut the action sequences (thank God!).

One thing I’ve not seen mentioned anywhere else: This was a visually stunning film. The two leads are very easy on the eyes, and much of the action sequences are executed in a complex, slow motion ballet. The sword work is outstanding. I went so far as to look up some making-of videos. I thought it would all be done with wires, but I don’t see them. Instead, it looks like they just launched people into the air. Whew.

Of course, there’s not a lot of depth to the script, but you can’t have everything. I’m going to go all out and give this one five stars.