55327_girl-writing_mdThis pretty much concludes the series on bullying, at least until something else on it catches my eye. I’ve done what Kristin Lamb recommends, which is to speak up about bullying. I tend to have liberal and progressive views, but I also try to be a critical thinker. In this set of blogs, I’ve tried to offer a rational analysis of what’s going on in the social arena based on fairly diligent research, and to present the conclusions for anyone who’s interested in reading.

I have gotten some comments, both publicly and privately, but not really the kind of discussion I think we in the SFF community could be having about such concerns. I’ve identified some issues and trends that I think are important. Because of the current conflicts in the community, I’d like to encourage a broader conversation on these issues.

Also, I’d like to mention that I don’t mean to bully or harass the people who appear in these essays as examples. They are entitled to the closely held opinions and beliefs they hold as part of their background, and they have posted their comments about these viewpoints online for use in a cultural dialog.