55327_girl-writing_mdI’ve been surfing for more views on author bullying and came up with an interesting blog by Kristen Lamb, a non-fiction author of self-help marketing books. Lamb comments that bullying isn’t something you leave behind in high school any more. There’s some general background you can skip over, but one of her comments is very thought-provoking, which is that she no longer reads book reviews because they are so identified with author bullying.

Reviews are a time-honored method of marketing your book. It’s also a time-honored method of finding a good book to read. And now Lamb thinks the review process has been degraded through the process of bullying, or political infighting, or just general meanness until it’s worthless for marketing your book. I guess this is the result of sites like Amazon and Goodreads opening reviews up to the general public. They end up with lots of troll tracks on their pages.

Lamb suggests a number of methods to reduce the damage that bullies do to your psyche and your pocketbook as an author: 1) Develop your name as a strong personal brand. 2) Keep records of bullying in case you need to take action. 3) Support your friends when they’re bullied. 4) Report and block bullies. 5) Do not engage with bullies, as this will encourage them to harass you more. 6) Hire a professional to find out who scary or creepy people are. 6) Speak up about bullying to create a stronger community of authors.