Edward LearSo, just as I was deciding that bullying of authors in the SFF community was something that happened mostly to women, an item hit the news about male authors being bullied. This came through a report on File770 which was picked up by Breitbart.

Apparently someone in Toronto approached independent bookstores to inform them about the alleged homophobic views of authors who were identified with the Sad Puppies movement. These included Larry Correia, John C. Wright, Brad Torgersen, Mike Williamson and others. The issue seems to be, however, that the Sad Puppies movement has not put forth any kind of platform that could be identified as an anti-LGBTQ agenda. None of these authors except John C. Wright seems to have made any statements about the LGBTQ community that could be considered questionable. So, either we have to believe someone made an assumption these authors will hold homophobic views because they have identified as being Sad Puppies, or this is another case of author bullying.

Of course, some people think there’s a war going on for the heart and soul of SFF. Maybe someone thinks they’ve done a good thing here.