55327_girl-writing_mdFor one thing, I notice all these authors are women. Presumably there are also male authors who are bullied, but the prominence of these results in a search for bullied authors suggests that women are more likely to be targeted than men. It’s interesting to speculate on why. Are women viewed as fair game for some reason while men are not? Do women tend to present more daring or challenging ideas? Do they have a really bad understanding of political correctness? Do they have naive assumptions about their right to freedom of expression?

In two of the cases above, the harassment was instigated mainly by another woman who was offended by either the basic idea or the presentation of ideas in the novels. Why is this? Do women see themselves as having a responsibility to police and punish offensive ideas moreso than men? Do they act as SJWs more often?

In one case conservative author Vox Day entered the fray on the side of Kate Breslin. Does this mean there is a political or ideological battle going on? An attempt to censor or bury particular ideas that don’t meet with popular support? Are all novels now required to meet standards of progressive correctness in the marketplace?

One issue pointed out in the battle over Save the Pearls was that Foyt’s ideas weren’t that radical, but that her presentation was heavy-handed and inept. The same might be said of Man’s book, which took characters from history that carried baggage along–apparently just mention of Sally Hemings carries unacceptable implications about statutory rape and racism. Presumably a different treatment where Jefferson’s role as rapist and racist was prominent would have been completely acceptable. This suggests that one of the problems here is the reduced role of traditional publishers and editors in presenting these books for sale. Experienced publishers and editors, like those at Weird Tales for example, are more savvy about what’s acceptable to the public and what’s not. They would most likely nix offensive ideas before they got out there to cause trouble.

I’m not going to speculate about what happened to Harris. I think her fans need to get a life.