FeatherPenClipArtOne of the toughest jobs in voting for the Hugo Awards last summer turned out to be how to evaluate the editor category. I’m sure most voters were scratching their heads about what to do. A couple of the nominees seemed to have political affiliations in the Puppy scandal, which made on the spot decisions even more fraught. Who really follows editors’ accomplishments during the year, anyway?

Fear not, voting public. This year those clever guys at Rocket Stack Rank have come up with a scheme to rate short form editors based on the reviews of stories that appear in their magazines/anthologies. For those who aren’t currently following the site, RSR normally collects reviews and ranks science fiction stories published in major pro magazines and anthologies during the year. This means they’re a prime resource for the time-challenged awards nominator who really doesn’t have time to weed through all those possibilities at the last minute. But, given their collection of reviews and story rankings, they‘ve now analyzed the data by editor, providing a breakdown of who published the best stories over the course of 2015.

For their analysis of who was the best editor, check out their results here. RSR also features a number of other interesting analyses, such as what effect the Locus Reading List has on the Hugo Awards. Have a look at the site—it’s interesting reading.