Edward LearStill doing my bit for the short-shorts. This story was published by Daily Science Fiction.

Earth is engaged in a ten-year war with the Hauch’k. Samuel Kanu, a university researcher, braves the environmental degradation to present a proposal for biological warfare at the Department of Defense. He recommends seeding of the Hauch’k world with species that will cause damage and undermine their war effort. He is laughed out of the meeting, as the committee thinks the effort will take too long and have zero effect on the war.

This is a straightforward narrative, military SF, third person with a twist ending. The hook is weak and there’s no real point of rising action. Small climax as Kanu realizes his proposal won’t be accepted. Nice twist. This story includes diversity, as Kanu is not a European name. This implies he’s Asian or African.

The OCD Grammar Nazi checks in: Another misspelled word, Capitol vs. Capital. Capitol is the building, and capital is the city.