reading-clipart-6This short-short was published by Flash Fiction Online. It’s also available in their archives.

An unnamed female scientist plans to use a DNA sample to resurrect ammonites, feeling these spiral-shelled marine animals will help restore the undersea environment. Her devotion to the project results in a small rebirth of the creatures in her lab, but damages her personal relationships. The lab is burgled and the ammonites held for ransom, but the scientist doesn’t have a hundred thousand pounds to rescue them from their captors. She resolves to start over.

This is one of the currently popular formats written in the third person that never mentions the main character’s name. It got off to a slightly rough start (no hook), but I eventually found myself pretty well involved in the drama. My worst complaint about it is that the foreshadowing and subtext suggest plot twists that never materialize into conflict. These would have made the story more thoughtful. Where could things have gone wrong?

Best points: Once into the action, the story moves very smoothly. It points out the issue of extinctions and proposes a way for humans to counter the damage. It also points out the difficulty that devoted professionals have in finding time for personal relationships. And finally, this is another of those rare occurrences, a positive story.