WarriorNext on the agenda, the movie we’ve all been waiting for. Harrison Ford can sure carry a movie, can’t he? Also, I was impressed with how well Chewbacca has aged. While the humans have gotten worn and moth-eaten, Chewie still looks sleek and supple, ready to take on a new generation of bad guys.

The format for the film has been updated for current sensibilities. This was a coming-of-age film for what Disney is surely hoping will be a new crop of young stars. They’ve added diversity in that the two main characters are a woman and man of color, while the dark side is represented by various unattractive white men. There were no LGBTQ characters that I could pick out.

The film moved right along. The quality of constant action is apparently a necessity in action-adventure films these days. There were a couple of spots where I was feeling a little tired, and wishing for a quiet moment of contemplation to give the narrative depth. As I recall, The Force is supposed to require a certain amount of meditation and development in order to work well for the user, but they rushed Rey into it here. Under pressure, her talents already seemed full-blown. My opinion of J.J. Abrams is that he’s really great at action, but not so good with the warm, beating heart of a film. It comes off a bit shallow.

On the bright side, there was nothing offensive about this. The scenery and special effects were awesome. The young stars were attractive and engaging. The script was adequate, if not earth-shaking. It was entertaining. Required viewing for anyone wanting to stay current with SF entertainment and literature.