FeatherPenClipArt RSR rating: hard SF, 3 stars, published in Lightspeed.

Alexandria Stephens is a John Wayne type, a space jockey whose mobility pack has been disabled by a small meteoroid. This means she is stranded in space and will die when her oxygen runs out. After enjoying the view for a while, she comes up with a creative solution based on Newton’s Third Law.

Okay, I sort of like this one. It’s clearly the hardest of hard SF, as the problem and the solution are both science and technology based. The story would fail without either one. RSR rated it average. It’s clearly derivative, but I’ll give it 4 stars because of the low key, tongue-in-cheek humor. We get an info dump in the form of economic data, and there’s even a pun in the title.

RSR has picked at the science a little bit, but I’m not going to. This is not meant to be a serious story.