FeatherPenClipArtAlert readers may have noticed that Greg Hullender dropped by to comment on my reviews of Arkenberg and Pawley’s stories. I probably need to say that I highly respect RSR’s reviews, and I appreciate what they’re doing. I’m not meaning to undermine them in any way by reviewing the stories they have listed. I should also say that picking apart Arkenberg’s story (for example) isn’t meant to undermine her in any way, either. She’s written a good story. I just don’t think it’s hard SF.

I was interested in Greg’s comments that hard SF isn’t as bad off as I’ve been thinking it was, which is why I’m having a look at some of the stories listed at RSR. It’s immediately clear that RSR and I disagree on some of the elements; however, this is just a demonstration of how subjective the review and evaluation process can be. That’s only to be expected.

I admit I’m a really hard sell when it comes to stories. I’ve also mentioned before in the blog that it’s been years since I spent any real time reading hard SF. I have that tendency to pick apart the science, and I also have literary taste. Besides that, I sort of like dark fantasy, social commentary and action adventure. It’s a tough combination to find in a story.