55327_girl-writing_mdSo, should we conclude from all this that paintings of Red Sonja with a skimpy costume and pumped up attributes are now verboten? I don’t think so. There exists a strong market for both male and female sexual fantasies within the SF&F market. You just have to dig a little below the surface to find it. The question is whether something like this ought to be sent out to the whole membership of the SFWA. Clearly not. It is also clearly poor form to discuss the physical attributes of fellow professional writers in public columns, forums and list-servs. These things do get around.

However, I’m not sure the other side has been completely innocent in the controversies, either. There’s lot of discussion of that term “fascism” right now (read intolerance) in the press because of student demands at various universities. It’s true that many of the commentators are from conservative political backgrounds, but even minority writers have pointed out that current student demands amount to out-of-control liberalism and extremist views about what defines social justice.

A little bit of respect is likely what everyone needs to aim for in the SF&F community, and professionalism.