Although I’ve not been selling SF stories for that long, compared to a veteran like Ben Bova, I have to admit that a couple of my stories that were published in the early 1990s have already become out of date. This was mainly because of the rate of social change, rather than advances in science. Because I’m a high diversity writer, I made some predictions about gay marriage back in 1992 that only took 23 years to become reality. For anyone interested in reading it, the story is “GP Venture,” which can be found in Competitive Fauna, currently available as a e-book on Amazon. The story does also predict in vitro gestation that hasn’t come to pass yet, as well as increasing infertility due to environmental and climate damage.

As Bova suggests, this kind of success is vindication for a science fiction writer. If you can correctly predict the future, then you’ve written not only a good science fiction story, but you’ve also correctly read the social, economic and cultural trends that lead to your scenario actually coming to pass.