Reviewing the recent Sad/Rabid Puppy initiative, they look like a fringe group according to Kuhn’s thesis. Whether anyone there has the spark of genius that would cause a new paradigm shift remains to be seen. The Puppies are actually the remnants of the last paradigm shift, who are apparently just now discovering that the paradigm is no longer what they thought it was. The best strategy for this position is not to agitate to go back to the old paradigm. It ain’t gonna happen. Instead, this group should be looking to the future to see where the earthquake of alternative publishing opportunities might take them.

This is the new paradigm I identified a while back, by the way. It is so earth shattering that it’s threatening the publishers and writers currently at the heart of the speculative fiction field. The upstarts include writers like Andy Weir, author of The Martian—who actually published the book on his blog first. Another is E. L. James, who first posted installments of Fifty Shades of Grey on an Internet forum. These examples show it’s possible to bypass the current publishing establishment entirely and go on to fame and fortune with a six to eight figure movie deal. The SFWA recently broadened their membership requirements, taking note of this change.

Most people won’t generate this kind of income, of course, but still the opportunities are there.