55327_girl-writing_md I’ve been checking around today and found where Vivienne Raper has blogged about what short stories she might have nominated for the Hugo Awards, then compared her choices to the Sad/Rabid Puppy slate. You can read it here.

Raper notes how difficult it is to get any kind of short story nominated under the current Hugo system (where a nominee has to get 5% of nominations to appear on the ballot). This has been pointed out by a lot of bloggers in recent months–she’s right that it’s a huge obstacle for short story writers. I think Raper is also correct that a wide readership is necessary, meaning it’s nearly impossible to get nominated if you appear in a token payment magazine, for example.

Raper’s choices are her own, of course, but there’s some interesting discussion that comes up in the Comments section. There are some complaints about the shortcomings of current short story reviews. Also, if I’m reading the comments correctly, folks are proposing a system to make up lists of stories and rate them for possible nomination. I agree something like this would be very helpful, but isn’t this just the kind of slate the Puppies have been complaining about? Hm.