Having looked around at some of the Puppies’ blogs, I’m seeing disappointment in the Hugo results. I gather that some Puppy supporters actually thought the slate would be considered by WorldCon voters, or that maybe they could raise enough support for a win in some of the categories. However, the ugly battle, the name-calling and the ensuing bad behavior pretty much prevented that from happening.

Because of the stakes, I can’t help but think some of the Puppy claims about past campaigning, undue influence and stacking the ballot might have some weight. However, it’s clear the frontal assault the Puppies mounted this year put them in opposition with the main body of SF&F fans. I can’t help but wonder what would have happened in the awards if they’d worked more within the community, as in past years, and taken the time to find more award-worthy works to nominate.

It’s clear their viewpoint has some support. Certainly this wouldn’t be a bad strategy in the long term.