I’m seeing a lot of traffic the last few days on my reviews of Hugo nominees. That’s interesting, after the fact. I’m wondering if people who voted “no award” without reading the material have now gotten curious about what was actually there.

I have half an opinion that dramatic gestures are worthless in this fight, and that the Puppies will just be back with another game next year. Some people have expressed the dashed hope that people would actually have considered what was there, but it didn’t seem to work out that way.

I don’t think the Puppies were really expecting to win a lot of awards by the end of this game. The massive influx of supporting memberships was set to roll over their block of about 1000 voters, and Vox Day’s late appreciation for The Three Body Problem was likely a face-saving gesture. Certainly it would have raised the stakes if it were a Puppy nominee. Surely the votes he threw to it helped put it over the top.

Whatever, I’m happy the reviews are popular. Have fun, folks.