Edward LearI’ve been reading various explanations about how the fans made a strong and appropriate statement by voting “no award” for all categories of the Hugos. I’ve even seen a couple of blogs that say Cixin Liu’s The Three Body Problem and Thomas Heuvelt’s “The Day the Earth Turned Upside Down” shouldn’t have won because it didn’t make a strong enough statement about the Puppies slate. This certainly is a slash and burn philosophy. The rules can’t be changed for next year. What are the fans supposed to do? Vote “no award” for everything again? So why have the awards at all? Why don’t we just cancel them?

I read everything and made a considered judgement. I’d like to submit that as the appropriate response. The authors deserve that consideration, regardless of how they were nominated. I found some interesting and rewarding work in the Hugo packet, and there’s no reason to penalize writers like Liu, Heuvelt, Leckie and Monette for managing to squeeze onto the ballot. Plus, destroying the awards plays into the worst of the Puppies’ plans.

Somewhere puppies are laughing.