55327_girl-writing_mdAs the voting got underway for the Hugos, there were some blogs and articles about how representative the traditional WorldCon voting system is in the current market environment. This was a landmark year in several ways, one of which was the number of supporting memberships sold. This membership gives the buyer voting and nomination rights without the person having to actually attend the convention. In 2015 SF fans discovered this option. In fact, the supporting memberships just about doubled the usual voting membership through the ability to vote online, or through a mail-in ballot, if you’re not well connected.

The 2015 Hugo Ceremony marks the first ever award to a translated novel. It also reverses the trend to awarding sentimental works, as Cixin Liu’s hard SF The Three Body Problem was the front-runner all the way to the finish line. It was an unlikely winner, only scraping onto the ballot because Marko Kloos declined nomination for Lines of Departure over the Puppy issue.

This morning I’m wondering how many of the WorldCon membership sold to Chinese fans.