During the run-up to the Awards Ceremony, Cory Doctorow posted this interesting graph on Twitter of how many women have won the Hugo Award annually vs. the membership of female professional writers in the SFWA. The related conversation is interesting. One doofus has commented that the low numbers means women are poor writers. Hm.

Looking at this year’s fiction nominees, the Hugo’s diversity numbers really are going to take a hit. As near as I can figure, here’s the diversity breakdown in the Hugo fiction categories:

Hugo nominees: 12% women, 0% black, 8% Asian, 0% Hispanic
Hugo winners: 0% women, 0% black, 25% Asian, 0% Hispanic

Compare to:
Nebula nominees: 48% women, 8% black, 20% Asian, 4% Hispanic
Nebula winners: 75% women, 25% black, 0% Asian, 0% Hispanic

Of course, the Puppy slate skewed the Hugo nominees toward non-diversity, but still the Nebula stats are interesting. Here you can see that women nominees are approaching their percentage in the US population (about 50%). Nominations for black writers are lower than their percentage in the US population (about 13%); nominations for Asians are higher than their percentage in the US population (about 5%), and nominations for Hispanics is lower than their percentage in the US population (about 17%).