Refractions2While I’ve been busy with the Hugo reviews, I’ve also moved some stories.

The first is a sweet little piece called “Flotsam,” sold to Refractions II, edited by Julia Ehrmantraut and published by Golden Fleece Press. This is already up for sale at their website, but I don’t see it yet at Amazon. Another is a literary piece, “Readings in the Night,” placed with Catharsis Magazine. This will be a reprint, as it was published a while back in Jacob Weisman’s Thirteenth Moon. Stay tuned for info on when it will appear. The last is “The Spring at Sloan Pond” sold to the gay anthology Cowboy Roundup from JMS Books. This will also be a reprint, as it first appeared in Western Trails, edited by Gary Bowen. Release date should be in October 2015.