Edward LearWhew. It’s been a marathon. This concludes the reviews of the Hugo nominees. I do have a few comments.

After having worked my way through the umpteenth book in different sagas here, I can see why there’s a move to separate out “saga” to its own category for next year’s Hugo Awards. Submission of these novels has to be impetus for the move—they tend to be “just for fun” sorts of things with entertainment value but not so much in the way of literary value or deeper meaning. Plus, I ended up reading works that were well along in the series.

Supposedly the Sad/Rabid Puppy movement has been complaining about social/political messages in modern science fiction and fantasy, and nominating the entertainment-only-no-message type story is one of their recommended solutions to the complaint. The problem with the saga installments is they’re generally not thought-provoking. Remembering the Golden Age of SF, I just have the idea good science fiction (or fantasy) should leave me with new ideas.