Edward LearThis novel was published by Tor Books.

This is billed as space opera. Humans and Ildirans have fought a war against hydroges and are trying now to co-exist. Capitalists run amuck. Explorers find a pocket of black bots left from the previous war and a nasty alien presence. Roamers take over a strange city full of dead aliens, get sick and die. A wacko medical researcher sends her murderous assistant to check it out. He gets sick, too, survives.

It seems like people could nominate shorter books. This one comes in at 800 pages, and it looks like it’s just the first book of a trilogy, following up on the previous Saga of Seven Suns. A brief introduction gives an all-over look at the universe where these people live, but not the back story. Almost every chapter introduces new characters. Events happen. About half way, I took to skimming. No humor. No science. Ordinary writing style. However, it is coherent. Two stars.