55327_girl-writing_mdThis novel was published by Orbit UK/Roc Books.

Harry Dresden is currently Mab’s Winter Knight. She sends him on an assignment to assist Nicodemus Archleone, the head of the Knights of the Blackened Denarius, in stealing the Holy Grail from Hades’ Underworld. Harry accepts the job, hoping to have a chance to undermine Nicodemus somewhere along the way. Both sides bring in henchmen and the heist goes off, leaving them to fight it out.

This is the fifteenth book of the urban fantasy Dresden Files series. Butcher is more than competent. He aims to be entertaining, and he is. This reads like an action-adventure film. Dresden is an experienced wizard with a rich backstory that he reflects on as the book progresses. He wise-cracks through the confrontations, working hard at being a good guy even though evil forces push him toward the darkness. Because of the wise-cracking approach, this never achieves real depth or drama. There’s a warm, fuzzy ending, but it includes a sharp warning about the future (to be continued next installment). Three stars.