FeatherPenClipArtI’ve been trying to avoid much in the way of comments about the Rabid Puppies attack on Tor. I’ve been attempting to understand and appreciate the points of view here. I like Tor books. I don’t care much for traditional, white male SF. I tend to be a flaming liberal, but like the Puppies, I am personally affronted by SJWs (from either side) and publications that assume I don’t really understand the issues and translate the power plays. Plus, I don’t want my submissions to any editor to be evaluated on hidden social justice assumptions.

Over the Nebula Weekend, Vox Day attacked Irene Gallo, who is an editor at Tor, for comments she made on her personal Facebook page. I support Gallo’s right to express her opinions, but this was ill advised. It looks like Gallo fell for the Puppies’ baiting and made a provocative statement that could be construed to represent Tor. Founder Tom Doherty responded with a post distancing himself and Tor from Gallo’s comments and suggesting that he could be forced into asking her to resign. This provoked an immediate chortle from the Puppy supporters, who then fired the opening salvo of an attack on Moshe Feder, another editor at Tor. There were also calls for a boycott of Tor books.

Until now, Vox Day and the Puppies have pretty much played the victims, but this is going way over the line. Going after people economically is stepping out of the flame war arena and into real life. This also looks possibly misogynist and anti-Semitic, which is what Gallo accused the Puppies of being. My advice to everyone on both sides: Watch yourself. Charges of harassment and libel could become a sticky legal issue.