55327_girl-writing_mdI’ve been busy with marketing, so it’s been a while since I started this thread. You’ll have to look back through the blog posts to find the last one on it. That was about the opportunity that self-publishing, print-on-demand (POD) and electronic publishing has brought about. This is exciting for the average writer, editor or publisher trying to get started in the the business. The problem is the usual downside.

In this case, it’s the big C. That is, competition. When publishing was expensive, getting together enough capital to start in publishing was a barrier. Having to write by hand or peck out a story on a clunky Royal typewriter was a barrier. Getting enough subscriptions to fund your print magazine was a barrier. Now all these walls have fallen. All it takes to get started in publishing is a good relationship with Amazon. If you don’t want to go that route, you can set up a website and publish your own e-zine.

The standard result of this in a free market is a flood of content. The flood hugely increases the size of slush piles that editors have to wade through. It drives down the wages for average writers and publishers. You can see the stresses on the old print magazines and on the high-end publishers that go to cheaper methods of editing and printing.

For writers, the key to dealing with this is to establish a brand or a name that people recognize in order to market your novels or stories.

More about brands later on.