Young Love, Old Hearts is my first anthology to be published in and due to the release date of the anthology vs my book Endless Days of Summer (July 1st), this will actually be my first published work! Working with Supposed Crimes and the other authors of the anthology has been really great. I like the variety contained within our little family. Not everyone writes in the same genre or with the same style but we mesh together in the anthology to bring you a little taste of all of them.

oldloveyoungheartsfinalMy story, “New York Minute,” is about a guy named Colton who for family reasons had to leave the city he loved and return home. Kept there by his sister for far too long, he finally grabbed the bull by the horns and made the decision to return to New York City. He ends up spending the week with someone he used to know and finds there was more there than he ever realized there could be. I mean, what’s a week long adventure to your old stomping grounds without a good fling, right? But Colton finds out there are things he’s not being told and once he does can’t leave his beloved city fast enough.

Twitter: @Torn_Treasure
Endless Days of Summer to be released July 1st