oldloveyoungheartsfinalWriting short stories takes talent, a talent I’m pretty convinced I don’t have about ninety percent of the time, but this story takes the cake for me. When I think about it, I feel as though I hit the nail on the head in every sense of that phrase.

Short stories are about a balance of plot and characters. Or not really a balance, but for someone like me who tends to write a lot of novels that are decently lengthy, it’s a lack of plot and characters. What I realized through the writing of A Blizzard’s Blow, is that the amount of plot and characters doesn’t matter in terms of how poignant the piece is.

Those who write short stories and do them well consistently sit pretty high on the pedestal for me. They’re excellent writers, and they probably understand the craft and how to use words better than any novelist could. Yet, it seems short stories aren’t as popular as novels. I do wonder why that is often, because I remember short stories in childhood having a much higher impact on me than novels. That could also be because I have a short attention—squirrel! Ha, yeah, short stories are amazing, and I’m so glad and proud to be in this anthology with some amazing writers, writers who understand the craft of short stories so much better than I do, and so much more than I ever will.

One of my favorite elements to write about I was able to keep in this story (and no, I’m not sharing, because that’ll spoil it, which makes guest posts crazy hard to write). It’s a twist, a twist I didn’t even see coming when I started writing, but was able to craft into an excellent story through revision.

I still balk a bit when writing shorts; I think it’s because they make me work harder than I really want to work and they make me think. I’m still in awe at my compatriots in this anthology who do this far more often than I do. They are true talent.

Author Bio:

Adrian J. Smith is a Christian, author, editor, spouse and all around crazy person. She’s constantly doing something at any given time and never learned to practice the word “relax.” AJ loves stories with a dramatic flair, stories that aren’t afraid to take risk and characters that are as real as the person sitting next to her.

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