oldloveyoungheartsfinalMagazines can be a hard sell for a writer. If it’s a popular magazine, you have to visualize something like 500-1000 manuscripts stacked in the back room, with one or two lowly slush readers doggedly slogging through the pile. Maybe it will avalanche and your submission will slide unheeded out the window, or maybe yours gets stuck somewhere under the bottom and the janitor sweeps it out years from now. After six or eight months, you send a query and get an instant rejection. So, was that because you had the audacity to query, or was it because they’ve really lost your manuscript? Maybe you just had no idea what they’re looking for.

Anthologies, on the other hand, take a lot of the guess work out of what the editor is seeking. Often anthologies are themed, and the editor gives you a prompt to write from—a general direction and maybe some hints about the characters, theme and conflict. Presumably there will be a smaller slush pile, too. This suggests you can find compatible markets by sifting through anthology calls and writing stories to suit. Over the years, this certainly has increased the number of stories I’ve had published. That’s a definite joy!

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