three-chickens-lela-buisThis website is doing double duty as of today. I’ve had paintings for sale for some time here locally, and I’m in a gallery show at the Knoxville Fine Arts and Crafts Center right now. However, I’ve not had an online outlet. Now I do. I’ve opened an account at Fine Arts America, where I’m going to be selling prints, cards, sofa cushions, phone covers, and whatever else you might like to order with my artwork on it.

So, what is this wonderful artwork, you ask? The answer is that I’ve been drawing and painting for a long time, and it may take a while to get things uploaded. Right now I have some acrylics available, one watercolor and one drawing. I’ll have more up as soon as I figure out how deal with oversize files and other impediments. Check it out here. By the time you see the offer at Fine Arts America, most of the works will be already sold, but you can use the contact page here on my website to ask about buying an original.

Painting: Three Chickens by Lela E. Buis.